Sunday, 8 July 2012

Scarborough to Filey and Cloughton to Scarborough - 2000 - 10 + 3 miles

For reasons that are now lost in the mists of time, I chose to drive up to Scarborough rather than using the train.  Also, since I did not record anything of my earlier walks, the timing of my visit is also uncertain.  I did not take a camera, so there is no photographic record of the trip.  Instead, I have used pictures that were taken many years ago on family holidays.  All I know for certain is that it was in the year 2000, probably the Spring as I definitely completed my next walk from Filey to Hornsea in that same year during a couple of hot Summer days.
Peasholm Park Scarborough in 1956

I drove to Scarborough and stayed at a B&B, the name of which I cannot remember, in West Street which lies confusingly on the south side of the town.  Having booked into my room, I walked south along the Cleveland Way which hugged the cliff edge.  To my left, the views of the sea, cliff and rock formations were great.  On the other (right) hand, I passed seemingly endless miles and miles of caravan sites which littered the unremarkable countryside around Osgodby and Cayton Bay.

Filey Brigg - Summer 1950
The caravans thinned out as I approached the rocky outcrop of Filey Brigg and the start / end point of the Cleveland Way.  At the end of the Brigg, I descended to inspect the rock pools that used to fascinate me for hours whilst on our regular family holiday to Filey when I was a young boy.  The tide was out, so I was able to make my way to Filey along the broad sandy beach edged with crumbling brown cliffs, scene of many bathing parties and fishing trips in the past.
That's me holding the catch of the day in 1955

Arriving at the Cobble Landing, almost nothing appeared to have changed in the nearly 40 years since I was last there.  The fishing cobbles look the same, although a worrying number are now made of plastic rather than wood.  The amusement arcade is still in the same building, but the name has changed from Corrigan's to Holdsworth's - not the same ring!  The cafe took me back into a time-warp - it was identical to how it was then.  Since it was packed with customers stuffing themselves with fish & chips and other delicacies, I did not linger but took the 100 steps past fisherman's seat and into the town.
Fisherman's Seat Filey - 1950

I spent time looking around Filey which has changed little since I was last there.  The small terraced house where we used to stay sported newish double glazing but the outside toilet in the yard to the side of the house had been demolished.  I made my way to the bus which took me back to Scarborough, a quayside supper of fish and chips and my bed for the night in West Street.

The following day, I had a few hours to pass before leaving for home.  Since it was a warm sunny morning, I took the bus northwards to Cloughton and joined the Cleveland Way for a pleasant three mile walk back from Cloughton Wyke to Scarborough.  At first, the undulating path followed the line of the low cliffs, but this gave way to a broad stretch of grass before descending to the promenade past the derelict open air bathing pool.  A steady walk around the gentle curve of North Bay, past the Castle perched on its headland and up to West Street where the car was waiting.  I bid farewell to Scarborough and was on my way home.

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